How can we understand and saw the truth , so is in such a way

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In the name of God , the beneficent , the merciful

Answer ; Quran Said ; fear Allah and Allah teaches you .

Worship the meaning is , avoid of all sins and ugliness and evil ,

Yes , some bad people are deprive of understand facts .

Some people be fanatical on group , people and party .

They did not understand right , so they are like as , some one that wear

red glasses that he saw red every thing , or if you wear green glasses

so , you saw green every thing ,.

If we polish mirror , so show right photo on the mirror , so we must

polish heart mirror until we understand learning .

so , hatred heart is like as dirty dishes that if clean water is poured

on it , so that dirty , some time is dust that did not let us be realistic .

(Qarate speech , 9 , 8 page )

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