Angel of Angels

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In the name of God , the beneficent , the merciful

Imam Ali said ;reward and wage some one that lunch a jihad for God

and so become martyr , not be more of person that is purity and

chastity on evil deeds and unlawful , to approach that purity person

that avoid of evil deeds and lawful , he be angel of angels .

Why did not such , whereas purity person win in greater jihad and if

person lunch jihad with enemy that if he become martyr or not , he

certainly win in jihad.

(Nahjol Balagheh ,bon mots , 466 words , 474 blessing )

(Islamic Character morality in Nahjol Balagheh ,(pious speech)

Ayattolah Makarem Shirazi , writing Akbar Khadem,, Alzakerin1 volume ,348page

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